MRT Preview: Henry Tenser // Koprowski + Associates // 5005 Riverside Drive / by Modern Richmond

This month's exchange event highlights the careful balance that can be struck between modern architecture and the natural landscape.  After an 18-month renovation, the original two bedroom 1950s cottage has emerged as a contemporary dwelling with an emphasis on environmental stewardship and strong connections to the outside. We want to thank the Rogers for sharing their home with us, and we are pleased to report that architect Henry Tenser, landscape designer Steven Koprowski, and contractor Eric Schensky will be on hand to discuss the design and construction efforts.  As a preview, Steven was kind enough to share a bit of the design process with us.

5005riverside_koprowski_elev copy.jpg

© Koprowski + Associates


© Koprowski + Associates


before renovation, © Joshua Rogers


© Koprowski + Associates


landscape plan, © Koprowski + Associates


detail, © Koprowski + Associates

We hope you will join us in Westover Hills this Wednesday evening.  Be sure to check out the event page for more details, and connect on Facebook.

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