MRT Preview: Shearman Associates // Igloo House / by Modern Richmond

Following a brief summer vacation, Modern Richond is excited to kick off our fall series with one of the city's most eclectic homes.  For decades, the Igloo House has drawn the eyes of curious passersby crossing the Willey Bridge. The home, with its sculptural white dome, was the vision of artist Demetrios Mavroudis.  In recent years, the home has undergone a complete transformation thanks to the careful guidance of the Gardner family and architect Michael Shearman.

MRT is pleased to partner with our friends at R-Home Magazine for this month's tour of the Igloo House and we want to thank Michael Shearman for sharing a bit of the design and construction process.  See you soon.

Image courtesy Shearman Associates

Before Renovation, image courtesy Shearman Associates

Floor Plan, courtesy Shearman Associates

Renovation, image courtesy Shearman Associates

New framing, image courtesy Shearman Associates

Wall section, courtesy Shearman Associates

Section, courtesy Shearman Associates

Design, fabrication, and installation of new stair, images courtesy Shearman Associates

Living room, image courtesy Shearman Associates

View of renovated Igloo House from James River, image courtesy Shearman Associates

Special thanks to the Gardners for opening their home and sharing the Igloo with a new generation of curious passersby.  We'll see you Wednesday for an evening of architecture with R-Home and Michael Shearman.