MRT Recap: Richmond Community Church / by Modern Richmond

Special thanks to Pastor Rick McDaniel for welcoming this month's tour and sharing the stories behind the wonderful modern architecture that defines the Richmond Community Church.  The building was designed by debartolo architects and completed in 2003.

Per the Pastor, the driving motivations behind the architecture of the Church are "light and authenticity."  Sunlight filters through carefully orchestrated window openings to illuminate the spaces.  Stripped of ornament and ephemera, the plan is efficient and straightforward and organized around a central atrium.  The building offers offices, classrooms, meeting rooms and a flexible auditorium which flows onto an expansive porch.  The only indulgence is a delightul pair of bathrooms in a glass-enclosed volume located off the main atrium.

The building is composed of simple and well-detailed volumes with a restained palette of masonry, glass, and metal.   

The charcoal brick includes hues of blue, grey, and brown.  The horizontal joints are raked deep while the verticals are left flush, giving a subtle linear quality in the afternoon sun.

The architecture is unabashedly modern but it sits comfortably in its suburban setting.  Informal and diverse landscaping add to the overall composition.

The materials are similarly restrained on the interior of the building with glass, brick, white paint and wood predominating.  In the reception area, large wood panels and strip lighting reflect the high-energy nature of the congregation and their pastor.  

Outside, a gently curving wall of rock-filled gabions defines a small prayer garden at the west end of the site.

Thanks again to Pastor Rick and the kind folks at the Richmond Community Church for a special evening.  Stay tuned for more info on April's event.